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Tap into your personal power

Remember where your true power lies reunites you with the universe so that you can enjoy the miracles of life. And, most importantly, so your happiness can be an expression of joy that elevates the world.

Gabrielle Bernstein author ‘The universe has your back’ £9.99 Hay House.

Here are some things you can do to assist in your journey of connecting with the inner you.

  • Meditation and prayer open you up to the power of the Universe.
  • Fear shows up when you’re not relying on the Universe. What fear-based stories from the past or projections about the future are you playing on your internal movie screen? How are these stories blocking you from feeling supported and happy?
  • Your projections is your perception. Become aware of the fear-based stories you’ve been projecting on your internal movie screen.
  • Your presence is power. Be mindful of how your thoughts, words and energy disconnect you from the Universe.
  • When you notice yourself disconnect from the presence of love, say this affirmation to come back to peace, ‘I witness that I’m out of alignment with my power. I choose to see peace instead of this.’           (Bernstein, G)


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