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Energy in your hands?

Hand energiesAnother exercise you can do, if you find the other two daunting is to feel your own hand energies. 
You do this by holding your hands out in front of you, only a little way in front, not outstretched! Keep them about 18 inches apart. Palms facing each other. Cup your fingers very slightly. Now slowly move your hands to each other, Palm to Palm. The slower you do this, the more opportunity you give yourself to feel the energies properly.
As soon as you feel something stop.
What does it feel like?

A slight pressure, or little tingle?

A buzzy sort of sensation?

When does the sensation stop?

Move your hands closer together, does the sensation grow stronger?

Now put this energy into a ball. Try and condense it further. Depending on your sensitivity, you might feel a strong repealing sensation at this point, almost like your hands cannot pull apart. When you feel that you have practised for long enough, move your hands apart again and feel the energy disperse. Give you hands and arms a good shake.
This exercise has enabled you to feel the aura around your hands. This is a very important part of your aura, as you give and receive different energies throughout each day. It is important to learn about auras as this understanding can help you immensely when healing yourself or others. 
It requires gentleness and sensitivity. You may feel vulnerable at times, and this is okay to feel this. You need to work with your own energies first to depend a deeper understanding of energies and grounding techniques.
The aura is your blueprint. When working with it holistically to heal yourself or individuals, you can learn to move, or unblock energies to assist with spiritual healing. Therefore your aura is very important.
How exciting is this!


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