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Can you sense an aura?

Following on from the last exercise of trying to see if an aura, you can also feel an aura. You can practice this by asking someone to stand in the middle of the room, keeping their eyes open this time to prevent them feeling dizzy or unbalanced!
The lighting also isn’t an issue either. Whilst your friend is happy for you to continue, you put your arms out in front of you, and gradually move closer to them, but not physically touching them. Can you feel anything. 
It is important that when you do this exercise that you do not linger too much around the heart and crown area, these are particular sensitive areas.
What does it feel like?

Keep concentrating and slowly move around their body, notice when the sensations change.

Are there areas that feel warmer or colder than others?

Are there areas you feel you should of moved further away from?

Notice any sudden emotions, or emotions which you weren’t expecting.

Once you feel you have covered all areas from head to toe, see if your friend wishes you to swap around so that they can experience this too.

It is important to respect one another’s wishes when completing this exercise, as you do not want someone to feel uncomfortable. You need to acknowledge people’s ‘personal bubble’. And not push them into an situation that pushes them beyond their personal limits.


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