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Can you see auras?

I’m lucky as I can visualise people’s auras, I don’t know when I learnt this though! I can see different colours, sometimes greens, purples or orange, reds or yellows. I do not yet know what these colours mean, so I intend to learn as I go on this spiritual journey! Please feel free to comment if you wish, I love the interaction!
Exercise for practising seeing human auras
Find someone who can sit still, for a few moments with you. Someone who is not going to ridicule you for your beliefs, this will only knock your confidence.
Ask your friend to sit down. Preferably in a neutral setting, shine a bright light on them, and leave the rest of the room dark.

Ask them to relax, they can close their eyes if they wish. You need to sit comfortably too, at least 6 feet away from them. 

Take a few deep breaths. 

When your relaxed, take a close look at your friends crown – top of head

It might help if you imagine looking at a 3D picture.

Soften your focus, relax your eyes, this makes it easier to see.

After a few moments you may be able to see a hazy may look a little like a candle sort of light. Hazy and radiating upwards.

The aura maybe a solid colour, or shimmering and pulsating. Colours of golden yellows or white. You might even see other colours.

If you can see something, breath comfortably and study what you see.

How far does it extend?

Are some parts more intense than others?

Is it head only, or head and shoulders?

When you feel ready close your eyes and let the image disappear.

Wait a few moments before you put the lights back on.

Share with friend your experiences.

If you haven’t seen anything do not despair as not everyone can do this. It will not affect your ability to learn how to spiritual heal yourself or others.

Ask your friend if they would like to try. 

There are no right or wrong way to practice this.

It does not matter how you work with an aura, as long as you except it’s existence. 
If you feel embarrassed asking a person to help you with this exercise, you could use a plant or animal instead. All living forms have an aura.


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