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My dream interpretation



In my dream last night my great aunt came to me and gave me a gold ring with an orange gem and placed it upon my middle finger, left hand. I think I must have said that I couldn’t accept it as I no longer wear gold rings, but she insisted and showed me a big red ❤️. The ring remained placed as I had now accepted it, and suddenly I felt the warmth, love and affection from my great aunt. I felt relaxed and calm. Her presence made me feel truly loved, I felt the protection of a cloak that had been wrapped around my shoulders. They told me that I needed to believe in myself, and they were always there by my side. As I write this I feel quite emotional as I’ve remembered this dream so vividly and with so much detail. But I think my healing journey is now well on its way 💕👼

I researched online the interruption of this dream and found out the following:

Orange – is associated with tranquility, balance and healing.

Gold – the golden colour reflects your sacred awards. It can also show riches are coming, refinement and enhancement in your life.

Ring – to dream of a gold ring is a symbol that greatness and wealth are coming your way.

Well this is all looking very positive for me! All the meditation and healing exercises I have been practicing seem to be working. I’m so happy 😀

So why not join me in my spiritual journey and indulge in the benefits too.

Lots of love and light to you all xox


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