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Have we lost the Christmas spirit ~ the real meaning of Christmas?

Medicine women like to share information about how our ancestors celebrated Christmas. Before the Yule tide was associated with santa flying through the skies by his reindeer driven sleigh, it was a celebration that marked the winter solstice, when the days became longer.

The Yuletide rituals included bringing nature inside your house. Branches, and small trees were brought inside.This was a representation that woodland spirits were welcomed into your home. That you were offering them a warm place to stay. Bells were also hung on the branches so that he home owners, would hear them ring when a spirit was present with them.

Christmas is the perfect time to awaken the magic of the old ways, when humans respected the world of nature and worked together in harmony to ensure the natural balance in all thing. 

It’s the one time of the year that instils that magic to this day. So it’s wonderful to celebrate with nature itself.

Barbara Melklejohn-Free (Shamen and medicine woman)

Bringing nature indoors is the most natural way to connect with the dark mystery and mystical element that accompanies this time of year, because it’s from nature herself that magic abounds.

Seek out the magic within and the magic around you will surely show itself.

Fiona Kate Peters.   (shaman and medicine woman)

So Christmas can be truly magical.

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