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A spell for autonomy 

One for your diary curtesy of Marie Bruce

This spell is to be cast on the 21st December at 8pm. At this time the moon is waning, and we use this to remove negative influence.

You will need

  • A pen
  • A gingerbread man cookie cutter
  • A sheet of black and white card
  • A white candle
  • A cauldron or heatproof bowl
  • A length of black cotton

This spell should be performed outside. Draw around the cookie cutter on both the black and white card. Cut them out. Write the source of control, an example, ‘interfering mother in law’ on the black gingerbread man cut out. Write your name and the word ‘autonomy’. Light the white candle and place it on the far side of the cauldron or heatproof bowl. Tak the black gingerbread man and visualise the control just fading away. Then fold all limbs and head into the body. Roll up and secure with the cotton. Light the black gingerbread man and let him burn in the cauldron, and chant: 

No more your puppet shall I be, I burn your influence away. Never more will you diminish me, I take back my anatonomy from this day.

Now take your white gingerbread man and hold it up to your heart. Close your eyes and visualise yourself as independent, autonomous and self-governing., living by your own standards and rules. Say this 

Brave and bold I will be, as I live independently.

Put the white gingerbread man on your bathroom mirror as a reminder of your resolution to be more autonomous and start pulling your own strings.


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