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Animals in heaven

Are you grieving a recent loss of your beloved pet/best friend? Here is a meditation that may help you to contact them.
Firstly you need to light a candle, and maybe have a burner with essential oils, to direct your pet to you. Camomile, is a good oil as it represents calmness and comfort; or maybe you’d prefer bergamot which is uplighting and brings cheerfulness. Another good oil is neroli as this assists to connect with higher energies.

Place a photo of your pet in front of you, or one of their favourite toys or blankets, to assist the guidance of your pet’s soul to come to you.

Relax and try and clear your mind. It’s natural at this stage for other thoughts to pop into your mind at this time, this is ok just acknowledge these thoughts and let them float away.

Focus on your breathing, once you have a steady, comfortable rate of breathing, I would like you to inhale through your nose thoughts of love and joy, then exhale through your mouth with thoughts of sadness and any regretful feelings you may have.

When you are truly relaxed, call for your pet silently if you wish in your mind, or out loud. Which ever way you choose, your pet will hear you.

In your mind visualise your pet as young, healthy and lively. This is how your pet lives in spirit.

Imagine a huge wave of warmth and love wash over you, colours of pink, yellow or white. Say your pets name and ask them to come close to you, when you feel your pets presence, the wave will then entwine itself around you both, in a bubble of love ❤️ this is the time you are protected against any disturbances. You can ask your pet for any messages they wish to tell you, if tears flow then let them fall, if you attempt to hold these emotions in, then it could break your connection with them.

As you gaze at your pet lovingly, look into their eyes and listen to their message. You will understand them. You can ask them to show you a sign that they are close to you, so you will then know when they are near to you.

When you have finished, send you pet another wave of love until the next time, and then as you return to your physical body, remember which room you are in, which chair you are sat in, and return your attention to the present moment 💗

Much love and light to you all 👼


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