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How to connect on Archangel Jophiel

Who is Archangel Jophiel

Firstly, this Archangel is a female, she is one of the seven principal archangels. She represents creativity and beauty. Her name means ‘beauty of God’.

Jophiel can assist you when you’re looking for clarity on a subject,or if you want to achieve a greater understanding of yourself. So if your looking for spiritual guidance in these areas, then this meditation is for you!

To begin with this exercise you need to prepare your altar, and dedicate this to Jophiel. The colour associated with Jophiel is yellow, therefore the altar should reflect this. You could decorate your alter with yellow citrine crystals, and maybe anoint the altar with a lemon essential oil. Also an angel ornament should be placed here also. To start the meditation you should light the candle, so please make sure that your yellow candle is in a safe place. This will allow you to focus on the energy that radiates from Jophiel, her joyful and positive energies.
Firstly you need to wash your hands to get rid of any negative energies. Then you will need to release any energy blockages as this might prevent you from connecting to Jophiel. You do this by holding a quartz crystal to your body in the area that you feel radiates with confidence, this helps to enhance your positive energies. You are ready to focus on Jophiel energy. You may feel a sense of lightness as if all your pent up energy in your body has been released. 

Some people at this stage like to put a scarf or similar covering on their shoulders to represent what would be worn in a church, however, this is not compulsory. 

Next close your eyes, and put your hands in a prayer position. Some people if they leading a session or have an assistant, they would beat a drum, or have a little music playing low in the background. As you focus on the sounds around you, you may feel like you have slipped into a trance, this is normal. You may visualise colours like yellows, pinks, or white this is normal too.

Experiences such as tingling or the sense of overwhelming sensation around your crown chakra is normal too. Some people can see pink flashes of light after this meditation, this is a sign that Jophiel is with you, as Jophiel’s halo is a deep fuchsia colour.

There are other exercises you can do but this one is a very simple exercise that you can do at home.

If you would like to reflect on this experience then you can write down your hopes and desires on some paper, and leave them in a glass bowl at the altar and as Jophiel is with you you can work together to achieve your goals……. You just need to believe…..


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