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Fire opal – try it for love and passion

This gem is known for its vivid fiery-orange appearance. It can flash sparkles of electric green. It can also be find in other colours, such as, yellow, white brown and deep red. In ancient India and Persia this crystal is a symbol of love and passion.

Fire opals are found in the highlands of Mexico, and is known to be the country’s national gem.

Fire opals are said to stimulate the second chakra. The centre of pleasure and physical expression. This chakra promotes your creativity, to enjoy your body and to love. Wearing a fire opal can assist you in overcoming fears and doubts. Enabling you to express desire and intimate gestures.

As in its name this crystal holds the fire element, the ability to transform one thing into another. (Solids into liquids)

This crystal can be used to help implement change, if you use it as a purifying stone to give you strength and the courage to see the change through.

Many cultures believe that this crystal, if worn or carried around with you, draws prosperity. It’s an energising stone, that brings vitality to you enabling you to pursue your own path.

If you dream about this crystal it signifies money, wealth coming your way. 


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