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Which crystals can help with mindfulness?

Auralite can help as it switches off a cluttered mind so you can concentrate on the essentials, one step at a time. Pop this crystal under your pillow, and it assists you in getting a good nights sleep.

Amethyst will assist in keeping you centred. Clear quartz is excellent for this too. If you keep one in your pocket , or wear it constantly, these crystals can help keep you focussed especially this close to Christmas!

Ruby in zolsite, or ruby in kyanite can help you if you are suffering with grief or a broken heart, by assisting with new hope. Start the day by sitting with one crystal placed over your navel, and breathing gently. You will feel the benefits from this in a few moments. Ruby is also used to promote new love in the maturing years. Green aventurine is also used for this reason. So if this is your goal than take one out and about with you! It’s never too late!

A good book on crystals 

Crystal mindfulness.              Author Judy Hall.                      Price £8.99 Watkins Press


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