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Exercise 8 dealing with emotions

We all struggle sometimes with the concept of change. But if we were to address it at a slower pace then you will find that you feel calmer and more confident with this change. Therefore giving yourself chance to adapt. 

Mindfulness is not a quick fix, try and approach it with an open mind, release any preconceptions and address it with curiosity.

You will find that any emotions you have been repressing will surface once you turn off your autopilot mode, and spend time just being. Do not be afraid of this, these emotions will need dealing with eventually. With mindfulness it will be addressed in a soothing, nurturing way. If you feel the need for extra support you should find someone to talk too, maybe a family member, friend or a counsellor.

Developing your skills

Look through the previous exercises, from exercise one, add other tasks and interactions to your list, that you do on a regular basis. Then each day choose one task that you are going to engage with fully, coming out of your autopilot mode.


What have you learnt about your life and how you are functioning on autopilot?

What have you discovered by living in the moment?

What have you learnt about doing mode?

What have you learnt by being with your emotions?

Where next?

Now that we’ve started our journey towards an understanding to mindfulness, and appreciate the mindful approach to life, we have learnt that living fully in the moment each day, that’s it’s a little easier dealing with the most mundane moments.

It’s important to live your life, rather than just being a passenger. If we let go of just doing and spend more time being you will become more connected to yourself, and more appreciative of the world around you.

When you fully engage with life you’ll find that feelings of happiness and contentment are more intense and satisfying. Naturally, you may worry about dealing with painful emotions, we all do. However, as we journey on we will learn together about how to acknowledge and accept emotional pain, using mindful qualities that will help to take the sting away from these emotions.


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