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Navel Chakra awareness

To develop an awareness of your naval Chakra

There are two exercises that you can engage with to increase your awareness of your naval Chakra.

Exercise one ….

Firstly, sit crossed legged on the floor. Hold onto your ankles, this will provide you with a little support. As you breathe in, tilt your spine forward and lift your chest, then flex the top of your pelvis back. Breathe out and move your spine backwards and the pelvis forwards. Repeat this exercise a few times, then stop and relax.

Exercise two ….

Lie on your back, prop yourself prop yourself up on your elbows . Lift your legs about 12 inches if you can! Breathe out and open your legs.  Breathe in and cross your legs at the knees, but keep your legs straight! Repeat this several times. Now your legs a little higher and repeat the same process. Then start lowering your legs in the same fashion.

This exercise is also great for your stomach muscles!!

Now return to your chair/sitting position. Relax and focus on your breathing.

Now, close your eyes and concentrate on the area just above your navel. This Chakra opens back and front, so you need to concentrate on both sides. This may increase the sensation you feel taking place in these two areas. Envisage the colour orange. Imagine the wheel whirring, or the fluttering butterfly or other analogy you feel when you work on your Chakras.


What does the energy in this area feel like? 

Is it stronger back or front?

Are you giving out a lot of energy in this area, or are you keeping it contained within yourself?

As previously, mentioned that as we are learning how to open and close our Chakras; at this time I would like you to gently close this Chakra.

Now practice, practice these exercises and when your ready move on to the next Chakra, the solar plexus.

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Base Chakra awareness exercise

  •  An exercise that teaches you to acknowledge your base Chakra, how to open and close it.

Begin this exercise by sitting on your heels on the floor – just like the image above.

Put your hands palm down on your thighs – again just like the image.

Take a deep breath in, as you do so roll your spine into your pelvis area. When you breath out, roll your spine back out again.

Continue this for about a minute if this is comfortable for you. If you find that this is uncomfortable then please stop.

Now, I would like you to sit somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, and concentrate on your base Chakra, remember that this Chakra opens downwards towards the ground. This Chakra is always open, you can never completely close it.

Try and tune into this part of your body, just below your spine/tailbone. Sometimes, if you visualise the colour red this helps you to connect. Take a few deep breaths, it is important to remember our breathing, as when we concentrate on other parts of our body we tend to forget this comfortable breathing technique.

You might feel something happening with your base Chakra, everyone’s experience of this is very different. Sometimes it may feel a little bit like a butterfly, fluttering gently against your skin. It may warm more like a warm/cool draught. It may even describe this sensation as a whirring feeling. If you visualise things easily you may visualise this a flower gently opening its petals for the first time, people relate this to the lotus flower. Other images could be of a wheel spinning, or a door opening. Some people may experience none of these things, they just acknowledge the fact that they know their base Chakra has opened.

At this early stage of working with your Chakras, we only want to acknowledge them as there is much more to learn! This will be at a late date. At the moment we need to learn how to close the Chakra, please remember that this Chakra never closes down fully.

Imagine the petals of the flower closing, or feel the whirring sensation slowing down, or the butterfly floating away from you. Use any image or sensation that works for you.

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Full moon crystal cleanse

On the night of the month when the moon is at its brightest, grab your gemstones and charge them up.

  • Choose a few of your favourite gems and set them aside. Place a piece of white or silver fabric on your windowsill or outside on a patio or porch – white or silver resonates with the energy of the moon and will draw energy from it.
  • Place your crystals on top of the fabric while holding the intention that they will become charged. Full moon energy is associated with abundance, wholeness and completion. It’s best if you have a specific goal in mind for the qualities that you’d like these crystals to take on.
  • As you place each crystal onto the cloth, say aloud your chosen desires/goals. Allow the crystals to sit in the moonlight overnight, and remove them from the cloth the next morning.

Ashley leavy – Love and Light school of energy medicine.

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The lotus, as well as looking and smelling beautiful, they help with emotional imbalances, obsessive behaviour and releasing emotions that we try to hide away.

Use this flower to tune into your future life, and enhance your visualisation and meditation skills.

It will also help you to develop psychic skills, and encourages a calm mind, by the deep relaxation that washes over you.

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Anyone for lettuce?

Lettuce isn’t just to keep you healthy within your diet.

It is wonderful at soothing all the mental endless chatter, and replace it with a calming essence.

It’s useful to help you focus, especially when you are feeling highly emotional, or irritated, or if you feel like your going round in circles and getting no where.

It connects you back to your inner self, that little voice that talks only to you. The soothing you receive makes you feel stronger to face new challenges.

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Soothing for a busy mind



This crystal is very helpful if you struggle to sleep, or meditate. It soothes a busy mind. 
Emotionally, it releases any suppressed anger that’s within you. It will protect you from anyone else who tries to direct their rage at you.

It helps to connect your soul to the universe, bringing fresh hopes and inspiration, as well as guidance.

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Can you sense an aura?

Following on from the last exercise of trying to see if an aura, you can also feel an aura. You can practice this by asking someone to stand in the middle of the room, keeping their eyes open this time to prevent them feeling dizzy or unbalanced!
The lighting also isn’t an issue either. Whilst your friend is happy for you to continue, you put your arms out in front of you, and gradually move closer to them, but not physically touching them. Can you feel anything. 
It is important that when you do this exercise that you do not linger too much around the heart and crown area, these are particular sensitive areas.
What does it feel like?

Keep concentrating and slowly move around their body, notice when the sensations change.

Are there areas that feel warmer or colder than others?

Are there areas you feel you should of moved further away from?

Notice any sudden emotions, or emotions which you weren’t expecting.

Once you feel you have covered all areas from head to toe, see if your friend wishes you to swap around so that they can experience this too.

It is important to respect one another’s wishes when completing this exercise, as you do not want someone to feel uncomfortable. You need to acknowledge people’s ‘personal bubble’. And not push them into an situation that pushes them beyond their personal limits.

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Energy in your hands?

Hand energiesAnother exercise you can do, if you find the other two daunting is to feel your own hand energies. 
You do this by holding your hands out in front of you, only a little way in front, not outstretched! Keep them about 18 inches apart. Palms facing each other. Cup your fingers very slightly. Now slowly move your hands to each other, Palm to Palm. The slower you do this, the more opportunity you give yourself to feel the energies properly.
As soon as you feel something stop.
What does it feel like?

A slight pressure, or little tingle?

A buzzy sort of sensation?

When does the sensation stop?

Move your hands closer together, does the sensation grow stronger?

Now put this energy into a ball. Try and condense it further. Depending on your sensitivity, you might feel a strong repealing sensation at this point, almost like your hands cannot pull apart. When you feel that you have practised for long enough, move your hands apart again and feel the energy disperse. Give you hands and arms a good shake.
This exercise has enabled you to feel the aura around your hands. This is a very important part of your aura, as you give and receive different energies throughout each day. It is important to learn about auras as this understanding can help you immensely when healing yourself or others. 
It requires gentleness and sensitivity. You may feel vulnerable at times, and this is okay to feel this. You need to work with your own energies first to depend a deeper understanding of energies and grounding techniques.
The aura is your blueprint. When working with it holistically to heal yourself or individuals, you can learn to move, or unblock energies to assist with spiritual healing. Therefore your aura is very important.
How exciting is this!