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Reconnecting to life

When teaching ‘mindfulness’ it’s a good idea to first point out that this skill will not ‘heal’ illness. But it will change your perspective on discomfort and open new perspective on discomfort and open new possibilities for moving from just ‘being’  and ‘struggling’ back towards ‘adventurous living’. 

You learn to live around the pain rather than focus on it all the time. A pain in your shoulder will become a pain in the shoulder and maybe even retreat into the background of your awareness whilst you focus on your breath or whilst to listen to the sounds around you.

Mindfulness practice cannot prevent sickness or unhappiness, but it can awaken your childhood curiosity. As you become more engaging to your environment, and once again wanting to explore the nature around us. A blade of grass, the clouds in the sky, picking blackberries on a walk, surrounding yourself with friends and family.

We suddenly remember the importance of these little moments that will never be the same again. The true wonders of being alive in that moment.

Theses glimpses of joy really matter, because they are what connects us to life rather than disconnecting us from it.


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