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Emotions – mindfulness exercise 7

Emotions are tricky when it comes to the ‘doing’ mode

  • When in the doing mode your too busy and rushed to truly feel your emotions – especially painful ones.
  • Quick fix solutions are never beneficial in the long term.

All emotions are transitory, even the painful ones. If you acknowledge the emotion, you will notice with time the pain will decrease. Another example, is that when your a dry if you count to ten, before you react, then you become a little more relaxed, less angry. 

All emotions subside with time. Time is a good healer. We need to work with ourselves to be able to move on in stressful events in our lifetime. Easier said then done though!

Hopefully this exercise will help!

Being with your emotions.    Exercise 7

I would like you to think back to a time when you experienced a mild negative emotion.

Something that irritated or made you feel frustrated.

Please do not jump straight to any traumatic events.

Something like ‘ we ran out of milk and I want a cup of tea’

Write this down here…….

In a moment I would like you to think about this time, and recall the emotion you felt at this time. Let yourself be fully in the moment, try to experience it as much as possible, try not to think of anything else. Try not to brood about it.

The idea of this exercise is to allow yourself to be whole with your emotions. To accept that these emotions happen to us all, the way that we accept these emotions will be different, we all have our own interpretations of why things happen, and the way we express ourselves. The more we understand our emotions the easier we deal with everyday stresses.

Dealing with difficulties

Some people find that being in the doing mode is the most comfortable place to be, therefore brings instant relief to stressful events.


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