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Start to relax

Many people would say that they were most relaxed at home, in front of the television, or in the garden enjoying the sunshine. 

This form of relaxation allows us to have a break from daily life. But imagine if you could see inside of your body with x-ray eyes. What would you see?

Maybe, your spine could be twisted, your hips not aligned in the right place. Your arms and legs may feel very heavy and under pressure. Your body has to constantly recover from our daily choices, whether we choose to drink too much, stay up late, or simply by eating junk food. Our bodies take time to recover, something some of us do not really take into consideration.

Relaxation through meditation is different. When you meditate your attention turns your attention to the inner you. It allows your complete attention to be on yourself, using the power of your mind you can then physically relax your body. You can do this in a wide range of places and circumstances. You should give it a go.

Check out these pointers:

  • Light a candle
  • Sit on a firm chair, keeping your back straight
  • Relax and be aware of the candle
  • Notice the colours and the lights
  • When other thoughts come into your mind, bring your attention back to the candle
  • Keep focused on the candle for about 10 minutes

It’s as simple as that, no fancy equipment required, give it ago!!

Regular meditation enhances your capacity to focus on a single item or idea and to stay focused on that item for a long time. 

One of the most satisfying benefits to regular meditation is it makes you feel more energised than you would normally feel. This than means that you can achieve more tasks in one day before getting as tired.

Also meditation allows you to channel your mental energies to a productive end. You will feel more organised and more focused in your approach to taking on daily tasks and challenges.

With your newfound ability to focus you will have the intense concentration in decision making, rather than being vague in your approach to life. You will attain a satisfactory sense of wholeness, a positive state of mind, which allows you to conserve energies. So give it a try!


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