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Learning mindfulness during your lunch hour

Mindfulness is a new way of being, a new way of experiencing life and improving ones work-life balance.

In 2008, an academic paper was created by Collard and Walsh, based upon knowledge gained by teaching mindfulness to participants at a university. They were academics,  administration staff and technicians.

The training was about awareness, and participants met one lunchtime a week, and were given the opportunity to develop new skills to help them achieve a better work-life equilibrium. They were instructed to connect regularly to their five senses and with a non-judgemental viewpoint, they were to focus on the ‘here and now’. The exercises of mindfulness were not difficult to achieve, however, the emphasise was stressed that change didn’t happen overnight, and if they wished for change that they would have to practice regularly.

It was soon noted that these brief meetings were helping to bring about valuable changes to the individuals., including improvements to their health.

Their stress levels were reduced, their language and support for one another became more compassionate, and the workplace became more joyful, with a sense of adventure to flourish.

“We are all different and special, so we do not attempt to become like somebody else, but connect more deeply with our true selves.”


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