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Meditation has the capacity to transform your life. It helps you to deal with unhappiness and anxiety and to resolve conflict. Through meditation you learn to pay better attention to your feelings, thoughts, perceptions, body, health, energy and awareness.

It is a mistake to think all meditation is the same and leads to the same outcome. People can use a range of methods to achieve their goals. There is meditation for mindfulness, calmness, insight and realisation. There are meditations to relieve suffering and to overcome the effects of abuse. There are meditations to cultivate peace, contentment and harmony and to give access to enlightening spiritual experiences.

One meditation that applies throughout is breathing!

Meditation contributes to a deep sense of wellbeing. There are no dangers associated with it, but do not put yourself under physical or psychological pressure. If your body trembles or shakes in sitting or standing positions, then change to movement or dance. If you have any questions then please seek advice from an experienced meditation teacher. 

To gain the most benefit from meditation you should practice regularly, once or twice a day, every other day, or two to three times a week. Remember a relaxed body means a relaxed mind.


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