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Engage with now… Exercise 2

Hi guys it’s been six days since the first exercise/activity was set. How did you do? Please feel free to add your comments, experiences on here. Did you find that it was an easy exercise, or did you find it a complete waste of time! Be honest! Were you in the right frame of mind at the time? Maybe try it again and see if you notice even the tiniest thing that made you smile. Take 5 and remember that moment, it will never be the same again, cherish that memory.

Excercise 2

As we introduced engaging the moment right now, we are going to build on that, and begin to engage with that precise moment. The environment around you,the way you think and feel. Take your time do not rush this. Allow yourself to explore everything around you. How does it feel where you are sitting, are you comfortable, if not why not. If you are lying down is your experience different, if so why is that? Notice how bright or dull the place you currently are, note the weather, any noise, any discomfort or comfort felt, and so on.

Stop reading this now, and try it out. I will do this with you so I can share the moment with you.

How did that feel? Either write this down somewhere, or think about how you engaged with your environment.

My experience 

Sat in my room, the window is slightly ajar, so I can hear the wind blowing through the trees, the voile in my window is blowing slightly. There is movement in the curtains. I hear the leaves rustling in the trees. In the distance I hear the gentle tapping of a hammer of someone outside. Downstairs I hear the loud conversations of my children. (Some may say argument as they become louder with their disagreement over the dreaded Xbox!) I close my eyes the daylight suddenlay seems brighter, I concentrate on the wind blowing, my body seems to relax into the bed in which I am sitting on. I begin to relax, I hear the gentle sound of music mixed with the rustling of the wind. All appears calm and relaxed now. Almost too good to be true! 

You may have enjoyed that experience, or equally you may have felt more alert and jumpy about simply sitting and feeling for those five minutes. You may also feel sleepy as its the first time you’ve stopped all day!

You have just been xperienced living with in the moment and engaging with it! Most of the time we live in the ‘doing’ mode, and often doing it in autopilot as well! However, our ‘doing’ mode is exactly as its said, constantly getting on with things. It’s task orientated, problem solving,measuring achievements,looking for successful outcomes,goal driven, but also critical of failure.

Our ‘doing’ mode is what drives humanity forwards, it is however, easy to forget the ‘being’ mode. Being mode is important as it allows our brain to take a rest, even momentarily. It provides us a place to mentally evaluate life decisions, work on relationships.

If you think about Christmas, many babies are born nine months later; Or many couples file for divorce after their annual holiday. A break in your normal routine creates a place for the ‘being’ mode, time to think and maybe to make life changing decisions. Only being in the ‘being’ mode, only once or twice a year is not enough. We need to learn how to just ‘be’ on a daily basis. This is where mindfulness comes in.

As we complete each exercise you will increase your knowledge and understanding of ‘being’ as we work through each exercise, that is why it’s important to complete each exercise in order. For now, let’s concentrate on the ‘doing’ mode and autopilot.

Thank you for doing this e excise with you. Keep smiling, and enjoy life.

I will be back in a few days to do exercise 3 with you. 


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